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What are the future trends of the optical module industry?

2023-05 Sensors Opulent Americas
[Mai 22 2023] With the advent of the digital age and the rapid development of the Internet industry, the development of the network communication equipment industry is also accelerating. As an important part of network equipment, optical module is constantly innovating and developing. What are the future trends of the optical module industry? 一,The high-speed optical module market will continue to expand In 20 ...
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Voice chips are widely used in medical systems

2023-05 Power Cirrus Logic Inc.
[Mai 22 2023] Voice chips are widely used in medical systems. The voice recognition system makes the operation of medical equipment easier, improves the work efficiency of medical personnel, and makes the medical environment cleaner and smoother. In addition, voice chips have many advantages in medical systems. Speech recognition technology of preprocessing speech signal includes speech signal digitization and ...
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What are the common working principles of the liquid level sensor in daily life?

2023-05 Sensors Rieker Inc.
[Mai 22 2023] You may not know what a level sensor is, but you must know its applications, such as solar power, washing machines, sewage treatment, etc. The measurement principle of the static pressure level sensor is to obtain the pressure value by installing the pressure sensor at the bottom. It is widely used in urban water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, reservoir, river, ocean and other monitoring ...
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Development trend of antenna technology flexible connectors in wearable devices: Miniaturization

2023-05 Power AKM Semiconductor Inc.
[Mai 22 2023] Connector manufacturers are not going to miss out on this potentially huge market, and they are already designing and upgrading new connectors for wearable devices. FFC connectors are intended for high-speed series applications with high density crimp and multi-pressure contacts connected to board to board, wire to plate, and wire to wire, while FPC connectors are used to achieve thinner, lighter ...
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What are the five most classic applications of machine vision technology?

2023-05 Power Future Designs Inc.
[Mai 22 2023] Machine vision system has greatly improved the degree of automation of mass and sustainable production, and greatly improved the efficiency and product accuracy of industrial production. At present, the use of automation equipment for material distribution, which the use of machine vision system to capture product images, image analysis, output results, and then through the robot will be the corr ...
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Intertec and BCG Consulting Group launch enterprise-level generative AI solutions

2023-05 Power Intel
[Mai 22 2023] BCG and Intel have announced a strategic partnership to leverage end-to-end Intel AI hardware and software to enable generative AI (GenAI) to provide enterprise customers with fully customized proprietary solutions while isolating private data in a trusted environment. "Generative AI is an emerging and dynamic field, which means companies must choose the right technology to drive their generative ...
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The wearable device industry is moving towards market segmentation and diversification of demand

2023-05 Power Carling Technologies
[Mai 20 2023] With the development of technology, in addition to smart watches, smart bracelets, wearable headphones and other products, there are also smart rings, smart clothing, smart glasses, brain computer devices and other wearable medical devices. Wearable devices can be seen in consumer electronics, industrial, medical, military and other fields.Currently, the wearable device industry is moving towards ...
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4D millimeter wave radar is one of the core sensors in the system

2023-05 Sensors 4D Systems Pty Ltd
[Mai 19 2023] A few days ago, Tesla, represented by the "pure vision" solution, silently picked up the millimeter wave radar. According to the exposure of the new file, it can be seen that the number is "1541584" millimeter wave radar once again on Tesla, some people speculate that this is a high resolution of 4. Because of this, 4D Lidar is considered millimeter-wave radar. "Autonomous driving" has been a hot ...
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Intelligent power components, vehicle IPD performance improvement demand rise

2023-05 Power IDT, Integrated Device Technology
[Mai 19 2023] If you want to achieve lower on-resistance and higher heat dissipation capacity, you want to trade off at the center, especially with the current trend of IPDs miniaturization, it is increasingly difficult to achieve low on-resistance and high heat dissipation capacity. Good on-off resistance characteristics enable IPDs to play a more effective role in applications where startup failures may occu ...
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The biggest problem facing AI chip startups

2023-05 Sensors Abracon
[Mai 19 2023] It is reported that in recent years, as another major force to fill the gap in machine learning computing power, AI chip startups have launched new products in an effort to fill the hole faster. In the five years of rapid development of AI, it has attracted a lot of investment, but to many people's confusion, except AIoT, these startups have made a bit of waves in the autonomous driving market, o ...
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Fundamental to the success of drones is sensor technology

2023-05 Sensors TDK
[Mai 19 2023] TDK is a leading manufacturer of unmanned aircraft IMUs. The combination of the IMU three-axis acceleration sensor and the three-axis mobile gyroscope provides the data and information needed to maintain smooth navigation and can be harmonized with the UAV. In the last few years, drones have quickly entered one major use after another, such as agriculture, animal husbandry, real estate and cinema ...
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In the next five years, the development prospect of China's new energy vehicle market will remain optimistic

2023-05 Connectors Advantech Corp
[Mai 19 2023] From the perspective of the automobile industry, the development of new energy vehicles has made China take a big step toward becoming an automobile power. At the beginning of the 21st century, during an important period of automotive industry transformation, China will creatively develop new energy vehicles to enhance industrial competitiveness, ensure energy security, improve air quality and co ...