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PNEDA Technology is an online e-commerce platform united with global components distributors and in-stocked inventory suppliers, we are committed to providing convenient purchase experiences and high quality services.

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PNEDA is a global electronic purchasing platform which provides competitive price for electronic components: integrated circuits, diodes, capacitor, resistor, inductors, switch, transistor, sensor, connector, LED.

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Millions of Electronic Parts In Stock. Backorder Accepted. Obsolete & EOL Parts Expert, Price & Lead Time Quotes within 24 Hours.

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PNEDA Technology is an online e-commerce platform united with global components distributors and in-stocked inventory suppliers, we are committed to providing convenient purchase experiences and high quality services.

We strictly follow the ISO9001 standard and establish the corporate image. Do not accept, manufacture or transfer defective products. Take science and technology as the driving force and strive for survival by quality

We strictly abide by the ISO14001 standard, improve the comprehensive management level and corporate image, and reduce environmental risks Protect the environment on which human beings live and reduce pollution accidents


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[Jun 7 2024] PowerNew Yorker Electronics has introduced five new Vishay half-bridge IGBT power modules in the newly designed INT-A-PAK package. Based on Vishay's Trench IGBT technology, VS-GT100TS065S, VS-GT150TS065S, VS-GT200TS065S, VS-GT100TS065N and VS-GT200TS065N offer designers a choice of two best-in-class technologies - low VCE (on) or low Eoff - to reduce traffic, High current inverter level conduction or ...
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[Jun 7 2024] PowerAgile Analog has successfully delivered its first complete, always-on IP subsystem. This innovative solution allows a new generation of SOCs to sleep in ultra-low power mode. The company provides XMOS with comprehensive analog IP modules integrated into one macro, including the XMOS digital control system, to form a complete, alway online subsystem. Its ultra-low-power IP includes its configurabl ...
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[Jun 7 2024] PowerIntel's 16 new Intel Core desktop processors offer many ideal options for mainstream PC users and businesses in a variety of vertical markets. Typical markets and applications include industrial: automation and robotics; Medical: High detail imaging systems; Education: Interactive whiteboard. With the expansion of the product portfolio, there is now a processor in every price category to meet the ...
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[Jun 7 2024] ConnectorsKyocera AVX extends its powerful and very user-friendly 9155-800 series vertical butt, 2mm-pitch battery connectors, available in seven - and eight-bit models, to meet customer demand for higher signal and current capabilities. These new features also extend the 9155 Series battery connector, which already offers a wide selection of standard battery connectors. The battery connector series has a ...
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[Jun 6 2024] SensorsOmniVision Technologies has announced, Its OX08D10 8MP CMOS image sensor using TheiaCel technology is now available on Qualcomm's Snapdragon Ride platform, Snapdragon Ride Flex SoC and Snapdragon Pre-integrated and color-tuned validation on the Cockpit platform for next-generation ADAS and AI-enabled connected digital cockpits. "Customers using Snapdragon digital chassis solutions will be able to ...
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[Jun 6 2024] ConnectorsHarwin has released a range of board-to-board connectors that meet the data and power transmission needs of high-performance applications while accommodating small movements with multiple axes. Targeted applications for the new series include factory automation, electric vehicles, LED displays, security cameras, Internet of Things devices, data communications, and various embedded systems. These ...
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