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PNEDA Technology is an online e-commerce platform united with global components distributors and in-stocked inventory suppliers, we are committed to providing convenient purchase experiences and high quality services.

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PNEDA is a global electronic purchasing platform which provides competitive price for electronic components: integrated circuits, diodes, capacitor, resistor, inductors, switch, transistor, sensor, connector, LED.

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Millions of Electronic Parts In Stock. Backorder Accepted. Obsolete & EOL Parts Expert, Price & Lead Time Quotes within 24 Hours.

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PNEDA Technology is an online e-commerce platform united with global components distributors and in-stocked inventory suppliers, we are committed to providing convenient purchase experiences and high quality services.

We strictly follow the ISO9001 standard and establish the corporate image. Do not accept, manufacture or transfer defective products. Take science and technology as the driving force and strive for survival by quality

We strictly abide by the ISO14001 standard, improve the comprehensive management level and corporate image, and reduce environmental risks Protect the environment on which human beings live and reduce pollution accidents


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[Jul 3 2024] PowerRECOM has added new parts rated at 16W to its compact and cost-effective AC/DC range in industry-standard fixed and wired formats. Designed to be integrated directly into any system, the RACM16E-K/277 series measures only 2 "x 1.08" x 0.9 "(52.7mm x 27.6mm x 23mm) and offers a wide input range of 85VAC to 305VAC, covering 100-277VAC nominal, Or 120-430VDC for general purpose applications, and cho ...
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[Jul 3 2024] SemiconductorsRohm and Nanjing Semi-Drive Technology Co., Ltd. have jointly developed a smart cockpit reference design. The design is based primarily on SemiDrive's X9M and X9E automotive SOCs, including pmic, SerDes ics, LED driver ics and other ROHM components. On this basis, a reference board is proposed, including CoreBoard, SerDes board and Display board. In recent years, the popularity of automotive smar ...
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[Jul 3 2024] ConnectorsAmbarella Corporation has announced the latest generation of its AI soc for in-vehicle telematics systems. The new CV75AX is ideally suited for AI dashcam with integrated front-facing ADAS and DMS, delivering twice the AI performance of previous generation SOCs, allowing the latest transformer neural networks to improve accuracy and reduce false positives without having to train each object. The ...
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[Jul 3 2024] ConnectorsThe AOZ1280CI from WIN SOURCE is a versatile and efficient step-down regulator tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of power management applications. This component is an important product for Alpha and Omega semiconductors and is designed to provide developers and designers with unmatched performance and flexibility. The efficient operation of the device is at the heart of its functionalit ...
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[Jul 2 2024] OptoelectronicsAmphenol RF has expanded its automated Mini-FAKRA cable assembly portfolio with further pre-configured cable assemblies. These components are available in single-port, two-port or four-port mini-FAKRA jack configurations and are created on flexible RG-174 cables. Automation components support data transfer rates of up to 20Gbps, making them ideal for automotive and industrial iot applications tha ...
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[Jul 2 2024] ConnectorsOmniVision Technologies announced the new OX05D10 5MP CMOS image sensor using TheiaCel technology, which provides industry-leading LED flicker mitigation (LFM) without compromising image quality. Image sensors are ideal for all automotive use cases where HDR, low light performance and LFM are critical. "The new OX05D10 is the latest addition to our family of automotive sensors with TheiaCel techn ...
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